New Reform Club EP and Norman Baker Solo LP

The Reform Club - Live

The Reform Club Live - 30-second sample (Click to Play)

The "Yesterday and Tomorrow" tour:


23rd January: The Snowdrop, Lewes

5th March: The Con Club, Lewes

11th March: The Hope: Newhaven

25th March: The Pump House, Brighton

8th April: The Borderline, London

21st May: The Hearth, Lewes

27th May: The Park View, Brighton

24th June: The Snowdrop, Lewes

23rd July: The British Legion, Seaford

26th August: The Pump House, Brighton

1st October: Hurst Festival, Hurstpierpoint Village Centre

28th October: The King's Head, Lewes

10th December: British Legion, Seaford


28th January: The Snowdrop, Lewes

4th March: The View, Golf Club, Seaford

25th March: The King's Head, Lewes

8th April: British Legion, Seaford

29th April: Pump House, Brighton

17th June : The King's Head, Lewes

15th July: The Snowdrop, Lewes

28th July: Pump House, Brighton

18th August : Pump House, Brighton

10th September : The Dorset Arms, Lewes

30th September: The King's Head, Lewes

18th November : The Snowdrop, Lewes 

More to follow......

November 2015. The Reform Club gather in Kent to shoot a promo video for a song called "Give War a Chance" 

November 2015. New Album "Never Yesterday" is scheduled for release on January 16th 2016.

October 2015. The Independent signposts the new album.

August 2015. The Reform Club sign exclusively to Angel Air Records

August 2015. Somewhere in Sussex, The Reform Club shoot footage for a track called "Teapot Lane"

August 2014. The Reform Club go back to the studio to record their second album. Simon Scardanelli to produce again. 

March 2nd 2015


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The EP, which was recorded during the sessions for the new album by The Reform Club album, does not feature any other members of the band and is a very different sound and feel from The Reform Club.  The four tracks are all acoustic, and deliberately sparse, with a nod to blues and jazz.

The title track, Animal Countdown, highlights the plight of endangered species, something Norman cares deeply about. It comes with a video, released on Youtube on the same day.  Norman says: “It is shocking, and heartbreaking, to witness the sharp decline in numbers of wonderful animals like tigers and elephants. There is a real danger they may become extinct in my lifetime, bar a few in zoos. The world needs to act now to stop this happening.”

Will Travers, OBE, President of the Born Free Foundation, met Norman many years ago, and is impressed by his consistent commitment to wildlife issues. He said: “Norman is an example to us all. If we care about the plight of the natural world we can all make a difference by using our talents and a little bit of our time to show our compassion.”

Philip Mansbridge, UK Director of IFAW, said: “It’s great to see an MP so engaged in the issue of wildlife protection and fantastic to see him spreading the animal welfare message in such a creative way. We wish him every success with the EP!”

Animal Countdown is available to download on iTunes and will also be available to view on YouTube. The hard-hitting video, which has been created by independent film producer Mark Atkins to accompany the track, features footage supplied by the Born Free Foundation, which is based in Horsham.